Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tasty Kitchen

A big thank you to Tasty Kitchen for publishing my Chunky Monkey Banana Muffin recipe! It's always exciting to see the reviews come in.

terrilw reviewed on 5.19.2010
These are amazing!! My new favorite banana-chocolate chip muffin. Thanks….

Twinks reviewed on 5.19.2010
These muffins have a very tender crumb and rise and brown perfectly. The only change I would make next time is to use peanut butter chips in place of the chocolate chips; just personal preference. Definitely give these a try.

tweetybirdus1 reviewed on 5.21.2010
I made these muffins for the kids at my daughter’s daycare and they were a huge hit. I had more than I needed for the daycare kids so I got to sample as well. Very delicious!!!! I omitted the coconut because my daughter doesn’t really care for it, but I made up for it by adding more chocolate chips. Thanks for posting this recipe.

misskim reviewed on 5.22.2010
These are amazing! I dropped the coconut and added walnuts and used mini chocolate chips. I baked them in Jumbo muffin tins and my family loved them so much they said I should go into business making muffins. I have a couple in the freezer right now to see how they freeze. Will come back and let you know….

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