Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farm Ice Tea

I still remember the little jug with the yellow top my Grandma used to make this Ice Tea in. She always had it full and in the fridge during summer. Farm Ice Tea is my favorite!

- Brew 1 pot of tea (approx 1.5 litres)
- Cool, then pour in pitcher
- Mix in 1 can frozen lemonade (concentrate) and LOTS of ice
- I prefer unsweetened but you can and add additional sugar to taste

Now, where it gets fun is over the years I've made this with different herbal teas and frozen concentrates. Here's few combos... don't be scared to mix and match!!
- Strawberry Tea + Pink Lemonade
- Peppermint Tea + Lemonade
- White Tea + Raspberry Lemonade
- Pear Tea + Limeade

What is your favorite summertime drink?

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  1. This tea looks great. What a nice twist with the lemonade. Grandmas always have the best recipe. TY for participating in Potluck Sunday.