Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bon Jovi: Live Before You Die

Bon Jovi is, has been, and will always be my favorite, long haired rock 'n roll band.

I can still remember, when I was just a kid, I went to my first Bon Jovi concert with 8 of my high school friends in a limo. I made a banner that said Lay Your Hands On Me. Jon actually pointed at it! That is the moment  my fan status escalated to borderline obsession. I'm not the type to collect Tshirts or plaster posters on walls, but I'm a dreamer, and I have spent hours upon hours in Bon Jovi songs, remembering good times back when we were beautiful, feeling the hurt and something for the pain, or listening as I hit the gas ...on the lost highway.

Of course, I have also spent hours imaging what my ultimate Bon Jovi concert experience would be. It's pretty simple:
1. My friend Lisa is with me. I know that if she got that call in the dead of the night, she'd be right by my side.
2. It is an outdoor concert. Wild is the wind.
3. We are front row, and brought up on stage to help lead the audience with Born to be my Baby, Wanted Dead or Alive, and Living on a Prayer. OK, totally know that no one needs helps with these songs, I just want to be on stage.
4. My song requests would be Without Love and Shot Through The Heart (not to be confused with You Give Love a Bad Name). Oh and maybe I'd Die for You and I Want You. Is it possible they can they play every song?
5. We meet the band afterwards.
6. And as we start to leave (...never say goodbye), I'd have one last question that I'd like to ask. I mean, we all know that Tommy worked on the docks and Gina works the diner all day. I sure hope they were able to hold on to what they got. Last I heard, they never backed down. But I need to know "Did Tommy and Gina make it?"

Bon Jovi is my favorite, long haired rock 'n roll band! And, yes, they DO remind us all that we all got to live before we die.


  1. I'm a big Bon Jovi fan as well. I took a moment to try and think what my favorite song of his is and it's next to impossible. Too many great tunes! Good luck with the contest!

    Jeff H

  2. Who doesn't love Bon Jovi??? Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You know I would be there! Lisa

  3. You have to fill me in on the rest of the Tommy and Gina story when you find's been haunting me for years! Love the post! Regan

  4. Great post!! Brings everything back - my neighbor had a full-length, life-size poster of Jon on the back of her bedroom door... envy!! Thanks, Alison! - Shauna

  5. I've loved Bon Jovi since grade 6 and he continues to keep me young in my 30s!!! I've been to 4 concerts so far and they are always the best times!!!! I will be very jealous if you end up front row AZ!!!!

  6. When AZ wins I will for sure have a big Get to our House...just follow The LOST HIGHWAY!


  7. Great post. I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am a prairie girl too (in Alberta).


  8. Thanks everyone... the winner will be announced July 28th!! Wish me luck!

  9. Good luck with this contest Alison! Sounds like it will be a blast if you win!

    - D