Thursday, July 1, 2010

Manitoba Maple

Happy Canada Day!! I don't think there would be a better day to highlight my Manitoba Maple tree other than on Canada Day.

Manitoba Maples grow in southern Manitoba and eastward to Ontario and as far south as Florida and New Mexico. They are commonly found along riverbeds, in native woodlots, shelterbelts around farmyards and in towns or ornamental plantings as shade trees. We have ours growing in our front yard. It is about 5 years old and every year we see it getting taller and filling out. Doesn't it have a beautiful shape!

The light green maple leaves are uniquely compounded and composed of 3 to 9 leaflets on a central stock. The leaflets appear asymmetrical on the stalk except for the leader. The leader assumes a point position at the end of the leaf. In the autumn the leaves turns yellow.

Now just in case you were wondering, we could tap our Manitoba Maple for syrup, but we won't. Most syrup comes form Sugar Maples which are grown in eastern Canada, and not commonly grown on the prairies.


  1. Love the tree and the surroundings! So calm, full of sunshine and peaceful. You have a beautiful home!