Friday, July 16, 2010

Over-the-Sink Strainer

Now that summer is here, I'm finding I'm washing, rinsing and drying off more fresh fruits and veggies! Which is good enough reason to pull out my expandable over-the-sink strainer that straddles the sink. It has a large stainless steel basket and rubber feet to reduce slipping and then can be easily placed on the counter top. So much easier than trying to use a smaller strainer that I then have to find a bowl to balance it on.

Next... what to do with all these blueberries!


  1. Sorry to post this here, Alison, but I couldn't find your email. You asked about the vegetable pie that I posted a picture of. I got the recipe from my Mom and it turns out that it's just her personal variation on the Bisquick recipe! I posted it today, because Bisquick or not, it's still darned good!

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