Sunday, August 22, 2010


Our wonderful neighbors shared their apple harvest with us! Two large bags filled up the basin in my mud room. I can't wait to start using them!

On our farm, I remember my grandma's little fruit orchard. She had apple trees, plum trees, as well strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb. As kids we'd love running through it and grabbing a quick snack. When the trees were ready for picking, the men (grandpa, dad and usually a hired hand) would get the ladders out and help fill up the baskets. Then canning apple sauce and plum jam would start.

I do have two small apple trees in my yard now; however I pruned the small fruit off of them in early summer for two reasons. First, I wanted the energy going towards the tree growing rather than producing fruit; secondly, with my 2 year old and 4 month old baby I didn't know if picking the apples would happen, and didn't want them to just fall to the ground and attract wasps. Maybe next year we'll have our own apples!

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  1. Your neighbour is so generous to share the apples with you. Wow, think of all the goodies that you can do with them!