Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farm Kittens

One of my fondest memories growing up on our farm were the kittens. First, let me first clarify... these are FARM cats. They serve a purpose to basically eat mice. The Mother Cat would have a litter or 4-8 little kittens which she'd hide in secret place - either in an abandoned out-building or in machinery. We'd then search and find the little kittens, usually by following the Mother Cat, then move them to the barn. This is where I spent hours every evening watching the kittens play, naming each one, bringing them milk to dunk their noses in, and even watch them practice their mousing skills pouncing on grasshoppers.

I was happy this past weekend that my son was able to have a similar experience playing with the farm kittens at the Zulyniak Ranch in Saskatchewan. 6 cute little kittens!! He named one of the orange ones, Bobbi.


  1. Hey Alison - I just gave my kids that experience - in my house. I wasn't sure what to expect when I adopted a pregnant cat and brought her home. I was secretly scared she would have kittens on my pillow. But I was amazed and awed, that mama cat found a dark, secret space in the corner of my laundry room. We could hear the kittens mewing from the first day and after about 5 days, we made some room to check out what we had. 5 kittens - one gray male, one gray female, one brown tabby female, one light orange female and one long haired black and orange female. For the past 6 weeks my children have loved having a room full of kittens to love. This week is sad though - time to say goodbye to 4 of them. The light orange one gets to stay so we can continue to watch her grow. I have found homes for 3. If I can't find a home for the remaining kitten (gray female), it will be a heart wrenching choice. They are our babies. Want a kitten? Deanna

  2. @Deanna Awwww....Kittens and Kids just seem to go together! However my Dog and Kittens... not so much!

    ~Prairie Story ...care of AZ

  3. One of our barn cats recently had a litter in a pile of wood not too far from the house. Three calicos, and 2 muckle duns. I take a peek at them every day. Mama kitty gives me a dirty look. :)

  4. Kittens are so adorable! Love the picture.

  5. They are adorable, and I do love kittens. My barn cats are all adults that have been fixed. It's easy to be overrun by cats and have them become ill because of the over crowding.