Tuesday, August 3, 2010

YOU Are Invited....

You are invited to a Prairie Story BBQ Recipe Swap! In true summer spirit and to thank all my loyal Prairie Story readers, fellow foodies, family and friends, I thought a BBQ would be fun!!

When: August 5, 2010

How to swap, share and WIN!
1) Mark your calendars and pull out one of your best BBQ recipes. This can be an appy, salad, meat, dessert... anything you would make for a BBQ.
2) Visit Prairie Story August 5 and locate the Prairie BBQ Recipe Swap post.
3) Bloggers: You will be able to post a thumbnail and link directly to your recipe from Prairie Story BBQ Recipe Swap post (and please include a link back to Prairie Story). Non-Bloggers: please post your recipe in the Comments section. Full instructions will be provided August 5.
4) Then the best part... view all the other BBQ recipes posted!!
5) Lastly, if you swap, you'll be entered into a random draw to a WIN $15 Starbucks Coffee Card to be drawn August 9, 2010  (US & Canada only - sorry).

I hope you can make it to this Prairie Story Recipe Swap!!


  1. Sounds like good August, Prairie fun. I'll be on vacation but shall endeavor to participate.

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun - and I have just the recipe !!

  3. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately we don't do BBQ here! It's too hot! Thanks for the invite anyways, I appreciate it:)

  4. God- as tasty as BBQ sounds to eat, the 100 degree Colorado heat put a damper on our smoking :) Cool idea though! Have lots of fun with it.