Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flatware, Utensils and Wrap

Back in July, My Kitchen was one of my more popular posts, so I've decided to start to share more about how I organize it! Isn't it fun peaking into someone else's space?

The three top drawers in my island are probably the most used and opened. They are right in the middle of everything. Here's what's in them!

Drawer #1: Flatware - My flatware is in the left drawer primarily because it is closest to the sink and dishwasher (easy to unload). I use a Rubbermaid organizer and my flatware is Martha Stewart.

Drawer #2: Utensils - I prefer all my spatulas, flippers, whisks, spoons, scoops to be in a drawer rather than in a container on the counter. First, I'd need a really big container and secondly I find that I can see and grab what I need much much easier this way. Also, this drawer is directly behind my stove so I can access when cooking, but also in the island so if I'm serving food buffet style, easy to grab a serving spoon. At the front of the drawer I keep some very important used tools - can opener, bottle opener, peeler and tongs.

Drawer #3: Wrap - Cling wrap, foil, sandwich and freezer baggies, brown lunch bags and twist ties are all in the right drawer. I actually have more stored in pantry, but wanted these items to be close to fridge and freezer to wrap up leftovers or pack lunches. It works well for me!


  1. wow what a beautiful and well organized kitchen love it

  2. I love it. Maybe I will do a post on this sometime! I just did one on grocery shopping and my Saturday morning MUSTS. It is such an important post. Take a look at it. I would LOVE to know what yours are. Just read your about page... and you sound like you are hearing the same "Prairie wind" that I am, but mine is in Alberta!
    I have all of my wraps in the top drawer of the island, then spice drawer organized with Lee Valley Tools spice tins followed by the placemats and napkins. Last drawer is the oversized serving plate and junk food drawer (jujubes, gum, cough drops, pumpkin seeds...)

  3. Adore when kitchens are organized and well designed to improve the space!



  4. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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