Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tag... I Guess I'm It!

I got Tagged by Try To Keep Up!
This is a fun, little game that I thought I'd play along with. I answer the 8 questions she came up with, create 8 of my own, then tag 8 others to answer them!

1) What is one thing on your 'Bucket List' & what is holding you back from doing it right now?
I've been working my way through my bucket list slowly but surely. Time is the only thing that is holding me back. I wish I had more hours in a day, more days in a week, more weeks in a month.

2) What is your go-to feel better remedy and why does it work?
I like having a shower or bubble bath. Either washes away tension, pain, negativity, sadness and worry. Even if just for a moment. Lather up with good smelling soaps, use body scrubs, throw some great hair products, and once done, I step out and wrap myself up in a good robe. Sometimes just stealing the 10 or 15 minutes to escape to a quiet alone place is all I need. All you moms out there know what I mean!

3) What is your guilty pleasure television show?
Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, DC, etc.  

4) What comfort food do you crave most when you visit family?
I'm drawing a blank. Coffee... simply because it's made by someone else?

5) Who can cheer you up best, even when you're in the WORST mood and how?
My kids. They are pure, innocent, kind and caring. They love to cuddle, kiss and hug. And they are funny. I love them! I also find great comfort just simply having my husband around... and my dog too!

6) If you could trade lives with ANYONE in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I wouldn't. I'm good with me. There are some amazing people I would like to meet and spend a day with like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Jon Bon Jovi.
7) If money was no object, how do you envision your dream house and where is it?
I love my house. It is my home. However, I would put on an addition to it in a heart beat if money was no object. I'm thinking new kitchen, large great room, guest suite, mud room with storage, gazebo, and hobby room.

8) What song is so special to you that every time you hear it, regardless of where you are, you cry?
"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Maybe not a tear jerker but it definitely seems to fire me up emotionally.

Here are my 8 questions:
1) What inspired you to start a blog?
2) What is your all time favorite food to eat?
3) If you could take a trip any where in the world where would it be?
4) Who would play you in a movie of your life?
5) What has been your worst kitchen or cooking disaster?
6) What is your favorite restaurant?
7) What will you do for yourself today?
8) What will you do today to "pay something forward" or "random act of kindness"?

Here are the 8 lovely bloggers I'm tagging:
Brenda's Canadian Kitchen
21st Century Housewife
Finding Joy in my Kitchen
Always Tri-ing My Best
The Mom Chef
Claudia's Cookbook

Please leave me a comment to let me know once you've answered the questions! Lastly, I understand that this game is not for everyone, so if you choose not to do this, that's alright!


  1. Thanks for sharing more about yourself -- I'd love a mud room too :)

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1) What inspired you to start a blog?

    My cooking blog started because I was living 600+ miles from my mom and she would not try a new recipe without a photo :) So, I started taking photos of what I made and sharing the recipes with her.

    2) What is your all time favorite food to eat?

    Ice cream!

    3) If you could take a trip any where in the world where would it be?

    I would really enjoy exploring New Zealand.

    4) Who would play you in a movie of your life?

    The obvious answer would be "me" ... but I'm more curious to either play the role of my sister or my mom -- (keeping within the same gender, although it would be fascinating to see life from my husband's point of view), so I could see what it was like to grow up with me, or try to raise me!

    5) What has been your worst kitchen or cooking disaster?

    I once walked away from boiling carrots to come back and find that they had charcholed themselves to the bottom of the pan. Urg. Oh, I made a pretty bad cauliflower soup once too.

    6) What is your favorite restaurant?

    My mom's kitchen ;-) We don't eat out often at all, but I used to love Minnesota/Timber Lodge Steak House for their Prairie Chicken!

    7) What will you do for yourself today?

    Take a nice relaxing walk outside in the beautiful fall weather.

    8) What will you do today to "pay something forward" or "random act of kindness"?

    My students are going to get out of class early today :)

  2. Thanks for including me Alison! I posted my answers and questions on by blog :-)

  3. Yay! Thanks for playing along Alison! I like "Don't Stop Believing" too....but I like the Glee version better :)

    I don't have a recipe for this Thursday, but I wanted to share something you might be interested in
    This is what I have been working on this summer! I hope you like it :)

  4. Hi !

    I answered too. My answers are here:

    Thank you for inviting me to take part. I am going to try and carry it on. This is fun!

  5. Howdy Alison,

    I answered too and my response are here:

    Thanks for letting me play along. I've tried to keep it going. Cheers!

  6. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for including us! Here are our answers:


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