Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wash & Dry

One of my favorite rooms in my house is my little laundry room. It's actually multipurpose being the mudroom off our garage as well. Needless to say it gets a lot of use. Fortunately, I have some decent storage to keep things accessible, yet out of the way with the cabinets above the washer and dryer.

I use every shelf and square inch of space. I also use the top surface of the washer to hold a small laundry basket to collect kitchen cloths and miscellaneous items that need washing. I usually have my purse or diaper bag on the dryer, packed and ready to go!

Washer Cabinet: Top Shelf - Ziploc bags store household items such as felts for furniture legs, child proofing stuff, etc. I also keep shoe polish and leather protectors up top because we use them, but not frequently enough to warrant being on a lower shelf.
Middle Shelf - Sewing kit, a mason jar to store buttons, and GladWare holding the abundant of batteries that we seemingly need to have on hand to operate gadgets and kid's toys.
Bottom Shelf - All the detergents, stain removers, fabric softeners and bleach for the washing machine!

Dryer Cabinet: Top Shelf - Lights bulbs, light bulbs, and light bulbs. Again, we use them, but not frequently enough to warrant being on a lower shelf.
Middle Shelf - Miscellaneous cleaning and dusting supplies.
Bottom Shelf - Dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, sunblock and bug spray.

Now back to doing laundry!


  1. I wish I had this kind of space! It seems SO PRACTICAL. My washer & dryer live in my garage....but I'm inspired to make it work after seeing this...

  2. That's awesome! I really need to organize my laundry supplies but right now I guess they'd better wait in line, lol! It's time to reorganize the "big" pantry first.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  3. I wish I had a laundry room - I don't even have a dryer (sob!)

  4. My laundry room is so tiny. I would love to have a sink in my laundry room! I am visiting from a bowl full of lemons.

  5. My question is, why do you have the machines separated by a counter and sink? I have never used my machines separated but I have also never had the option to have them any other way. I don't mind doing laundry but I would like eventually have a space where the laundry flows better than it does now. Thank you for your post and for answering my question!

    1. My house came this way... with the washer & dryer separated by the sink. There are many times I have wished they were side by side...especially when I drop a sock or two!! ~ Alison @ Prairie Story