Wednesday, March 9, 2011

iLove My iPad

Nestled nicely in between the paper towel dispenser and the dog treat jar on my kitchen counter top is my iPad. It's the perfect place to quickly look up, check up and sync up.

My iPad / iPhone duo has really made keeping myself and family organized effective. Here are some of the apps I use most days:

1. We use the Calendar for all our schedules which not only sync and push to my iPhone but my husbands as well. This include appointments, kids functions and travel itineraries.

2. Email of course. Synced to iPhone along with Contacts.

3. Social Media: Friendly for Facebook, HootSuite for Twitter, as well as LinkedIn.

4. We have a few weather apps WeatherEye and The Weather Channel to help us plan outings and wardrobe.

5. iBooks. I just love reading on the iPad... it's just makes sense to have the back light for reading in bed.

6. Feedler makes reading all the blogs that I subscribe to sooooo easy.

7. This past weekend I just used the Air Canada App to check in on my iPad then used the digital boarding pass on my iPhone. Pretty cool.

8. Other notables are some of the magazine apps (Oprah or Martha Stewart), there are some good recipe apps (All Recipes or President's Choice), Netflix works well, and then we have games galore, mostly pre-school apps for our toddler.

iPad 2 is now available... perhaps I need an upgrade!

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