Sunday, March 27, 2011

OPRAH Tickets!

The question that I keep getting, and the one I love answering is: "How did you get Oprah tickets?"

First of all our April 12th tickets were Faye's doing and there is only ONE way to get them. They can't be bought. They can't be found. I wouldn't even really say you win them. They are earned.

I say they are earned because I believe they are divinely awarded to those who deserve them, those who need them, and to those who will further embrace the spirit of Oprah and pass on to others. This may sound crazy, but if you are an Oprah fan, you understand.

It's a good idea to join the Oprah Community on her web site. Then diligently and faithfully check The Oprah Show web site every day. You can then request to see the show and be in the audience by checking Last-Minute Reservations, Reservations By Topic, and the Current Reservations window which usually only is open for 12-24 hours, once a month. Read more about Oprah Tickets.

So over the past months, I requested and wrote Oprah several times. I even tried to get to her After Oscar show, and submitted show ideas for her farewell season. Faye did the same, but 10 fold. Then on March 15 (my birthday), the Oprah Reservation Window opened briefly, perhaps for the last time!? Faye submitted her reservation request and the next morning she had an email from Oprah... she got tickets!

So within 48 hours, Faye was to confirm the four guest names who would be attending. Next, we received the Oprah Reservation Info Sheet which explained seating, arrival time and location, required ID, dress code, security, cancellations and any special needs.

We will not know the topic of the show until we get there on April 12th, but regardless we are over the moon that this will probably be one of her last 20 shows or so.

Oprah, we're doing our best to look and feel and be our best when we see you!

This is me getting my hair done by the fabulous Jeremy! Nothing dramatic, just a trim, and warmed up color with some highlights.


  1. Excellent ! I'm jealous, I have Oprah envy !!!

  2. Oh, I know you will have the experience of a lifetime!! Cannot wait for the post all about it.

  3. Congrats on the tickets! I'll be at the April 11th show! So exciting!

  4. Hi, thanks - this is a very helpful blog. When you say "no shimmer" for Oprah audience clothes, does that also apply to shiny fabrics? I am going to see the Oprah show with my mom and we're looking at satiny tops or silk dupioni tops which all have a sheen. Thanks for your help!

  5. @Anonymous When is the show that you are going to? Please email me directly and I can give you some other tips to get great seats! From my research and from what I saw, keep shiny fabrics to silky tops. Sparkle is ok. Bright solid colors are the best!! Have a great time!