Friday, April 8, 2011


Dear Oprah (+ the universe),

What will I do when you won't be in my home every weekday mentoring me? Who will I turn to to lift my spirit, fill my heart, and make me want to be better. Who will warn me of harm, help me protect my children, and encourage me to care about the bigger picture? Who will make me laugh, or let me know that my tears are a sign of strength? Who will tell me that when I know better I'll do better. And who will keep giving me the confidence to be... me?

Who will ensure those who don't have a voice will be heard? Who will recognize the heroes, warriors, and angels amongst us? Who will encourage us to read, motivate us to get moving, and move us to truth.

Oprah, you have taught me how to ask for what I need and give what I have. It's going to be tough without you....oh wait, an Aha Moment - what I now know for sure, is that I'll be fine. Because of you. Thank you.

I'm just a simple prairie girl who believes in dreams and that truly anything is possible; and soon, I'll boarding a plane to Chicago to come see you on April 13 at one of your farewell season shows. I'll be the one fighting off the ugly cry.


  1. Allison, while I have loved Oprah for a long long time and found her to be an inspiration, her whole pushing the vegan thing right now has had me tremendously irritated. Seriously, as a traditional whole foods lover I find her information and urgings to be misguided and if I could say anything to her it would be to get the facts straight about the long term effects of any strict form of eating and that if she were more of a champion of local, pastured, sustainable organic, family farms that she could make a real difference. Just my two cents. Have a great time going to her show! Chicago is a very cool town. All the best, Alex

  2. Your words just summarized it all for me! I always think to myself... "If I had the opportunity to say THANK YOU to Oprah, how would I do would I find the right words, what would I say, how would I say it in a way to make myself perfectly clear and express my extreme gratitude to her, the HARPO team and her many special guests?!"

    Thank you for putting those words to "paper"! I love you Alison will forever be one of my VERY VERY dearest prairie friends. You are forever my Abby and I am so blessed to have you as a friend!

    I can hardly wait to live one of my dreams in Chicago with you in just a couple sleeps!

    Faye :)

  3. What a great post. Have the time ofyour life. some more.