Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keen's Hot Mustard

Growing up on our farm, during summer I remember lunch used to be called "dinner". I'm not exactly sure why, but I remember the meals being a bigger sit-down meal where the men would come in to eat and usually it was either a hot meal or soup and sandwiches. A staple was rye bread, with some sort of meat, and mustard. We seem to still always have ample mustard in our fridge, and by far my favorite is Keen's.

I spread Keen's Prepared Hot Mustard in sandwiches, add it in dips, and it makes my Old Fashioned Deviled Eggs "deviled". My husband likes to eat with meat like roast beef or ham. Try it... it's got some kick!

For over 250 years, Keen's has provided quality dry mustard around the world. The brand was first manufactured and sold in 1742 by Messers Keen and Sons in the Garlick Hill section of London, England. The expression "keen as mustard", is often thought to have originated with the mustard by Keen & Sons.


  1. I am going to search for that one. Not in our regular markets here in NC, but maybe a more speciality store.

  2. Ah ha ha ha! I totally have Keens dry mustard (powder)-must be a prairie thing?!? I have it on schnitzel most of the time :)