Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What To Wear To OPRAH? - Part 2

Well, we had a scare at the beginning of the week when we received an email from the Oprah Show with the subject line: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ & RESPOND. As it turns out our April 12th show has been moved to April 13th. Fortunately, our hotels and flights still all work out. We can only assume that this means this show will be even more awesome!

Anyway, I got shopping one more time and was able to update my possible outfits. I loved all the previous feedback so PLEASE let me know what you think again!

1. This green shirt is a new possibility. It's very comfortable, and I look really good in green. I know that I can also throw my grey blazer on over it which makes it all look pretty sharp and works for cool morning temperatures.

2. I'm not sure if you can see the detail, but I found this funky black shirt with bright pink, purple, teal and green polka dots to go under this bright turquoise sweater and added this chunky black necklace.

3. I found and added this amazing tan jacket to my pink outfit. I think it takes this sweater from "stepford wife" to "kick-ass mom". I like it!

4. Lastly, I added a purple scarf and a different necklace. I really like how this shirt and blazer look with jeans and heels.

And here is Faye's Oprah outfit! She claims she went and got it all on March 26th... but I have a feeling she bought it ages ago and has been secretly keeping it in her closet for Oprah all this time!

6 more days to decide on an outfit! 4 more sleeps until we're in Chicago!!


  1. I still love the pink outfit, but am also thinking that the green one would be fitting since it IS Oprah's favorite color!

  2. I think #3 definitely the winner! You're gonna look so hot walkin around with that jacket and look so prim and Oprah-esque!!!! Its a No brainer it's the best combo of pieces-best put together.

  3. I like the green, that brown jacket with the pink is nice to though, that jacket rocks. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I like the green. Very pretty!

  5. I would go green, especially after seeing what your friend is wearing. The colors will compliment each other. I think the pick would clash with the red??* It's only my humble opinion!

    *These comments are made by someone who knows she is not the most fashion-minded person in the universe.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts. After another night of trying on clothes... I think I've settled on the purple. the color looks the best on me, it all fits me the best, and my hubby told me i look the youngest in it. SOLD!

    Check back here for more Oprah updates our adventure and trip to Chicago!