Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clean Green

I can't claim being 100% green or eco-friendly; however, I am trying and am more conscious of what I use and how it effects our environment than I was before. We are ALL trying, right? One change that I've made is vastly reducing the cleaning products I use, and have switched to this simple, economic solution that I make at home.

1 part water
1 part vinegar
1/4 part Lysol cleaner

I like adding a bit of Lysol mostly for the smell and color. I use this solution on my counter tops and found that it's one of the best for washing walls!


  1. A bunch of people making small changes adds up to big change. I just taught my son to clean the mirrors in the bathroom with vinegar. :-) Now he wants to know if he can clean the interior windshield of his car with vinegar. The trickle down effect has been set in motion.

  2. I’m loving the mixture that you were so gracious to share with us. I’ve been using the solution to clean my baseboards with and this is my go to after trying many others.
    My question is, I’m a renter and I’ve yet to try this on the walls..... yes, a little apprehensive lol...... but WHEN I do, will this clean up smoke stains from the previous tenant? Or, is there something you could recommend that I add to your recipie that may help? The wall I’m asking about is white, if that matters.
    Thank You sooo much!