Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Household Helps From 1927

I found this little gem of a book in a box of my Grandma Agnes Pitura's old cook books. It's called Fowler's Blue Book Of Selected Household Helps and Guide to Household Economy. Other than a few stains and a bit of writing on this 64 page paperback from 1927, it's in pretty good shape, and I've been immensely enjoying reading it!

As it says on the cover, this little book houses a "brimful of tried and true helps about the home, carefully compiled, classified and indexed in convenient form for frequent use".

The book starts with Selected Recipes, an Introduction, and then the following sections:
In the Kitchen
In the Sewing Room
In the Bedroom
In the Parlor
In the Bathroom
In the Laundry
Removing Stains
In the Sick Room
Beauty Helps
Salads and Dressings
Household Weights and Measures
How to Serve Meats, Fish, Potatoes
Time Table for Baking, Cooking, Canning
Candy Recipes
Summer Drinks and Ices

And on the back cover:
Birth Stones
Wedding Anniversaries
Facts About the Bible
Seven Old Bible Recipes
Seven Wonders of the World

I'm so excited to start sharing the "Helps" here on my Prairie Story blog, my Prairie Story Facebook page and on Twitter (#householdhelps1927). So please check back and follow...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Here's a few:

To Mark Your Page in this book, your cookbook (or any book), just snap a rubber band over the page and back of book lengthwise.

Butter, Oil, or Pure Glycerin rubbed all over very fresh eggs will keep them fresh for some time.

Good and Cheap Sachet Powder for bureau drawers. Mix one-half ounce of lavender with one-half teaspoonful of powdered cloves.

Boil a New Clothesline for one-half hour before using. It prevents stretching, it will last longer, and will not tangle.

A Good Hair Tonic to prevent hair from turning gray or falling out. Make a quart of strong sage tea, adding a teaspoon of salt; apply to scalp three time a week.

The more I read, the more I realize a how much things have changed in 90 years, and although wives and moms are still trying to make their house the best home possible for their family, it was a certainly different for my Grandma!


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