Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beet Helps

Here are some more old school Household Helps... this time on Beets! Don't you just love these tips and tricks! And be sure to check out a few of my favorite Prairie Story Beet Recipes.

For Washing Beets use a small brush. It does the work better and saves time and fingers.

To Skin Beets Easily place them in a basin and pour boiling water over them; let stand a minute, then drain.

Best Way to Skin Beets Without Bleeding - put them in cold water as soon as cooked; then draw the hand gently down each beet and the skins will come off easily. Leave stems an inch long on beets and the color will not cook out.

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  1. Over the years & after doing many, many, many bushels of beets I've found the best & easiest way to clean them is to put them in the washing machine w/a clean (old) bath towel. On gentle/rinse cycle - I do not let them spin out. Of course I make sure the machine is been thoroughly cleaned of any detergent, etc BEFORE placing in my beets - w/a two inch stem on them. I do this before they are cooked. Has worked great for years! Also worked fine for beans.