Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Household Helps Poem

I like to have a clean, neat and tidy home, but it doesn't always mean I enjoy the endless picking up, laundry, sweeping and monotony of it all! Oh how I remember my working days when I had cleaners come to do the dirty work... but for now I'll just have to keep motivating myself. I found this cute little poem in my Grandma's Household Helps book that has inspired me to remember to take pride in housekeeping. As always, thanks Grandma!

With such a book of "helps" as this,
Housekeeping should not go amiss;
So, housewives, all - and others, too,
Prove how each "does its bit" for you.
Each "help" herein is "true and tried"
And some good housewife's honest pride-
Some home's delight;
Yet should your effort prove in vain,
We'll say not where to put the blame-
'T were impolite!

Happy housekeeping!

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  1. This poem on housekeeping is so cute ! I also believe housekeeping is something important to do, i hope you share more poems soon.