Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pantry Challenge

Have you heard of the Pantry Challenge? Well, I'm about to take it, because my pantry is a MESS!!

A Pantry Challenge is when you make a concentrated, focused effort to "eat from the pantry" rather than buying groceries. Many do this as a way to lower the monthly grocery bill, some do it simply to make sure they use and get to those items that you bought once but haven't exactly found the time or a way to use them, and rotate stock. OR in my case, I know I need to do a major clean, organization and overhaul of my pantry, so why do that when it's full? Right? I'm going to try to empty it first by eating!

Also, I have recently noticed that there have been some of my pantry items that have gone stale or WAY past their expiry date. Gross, and what a waste. Anyway, I'm starting the challenge, and I'm giving myself a month to have a clean, organized pantry full of new, fresh food!

Care to join me? I'm not setting any real rules for my challenge other than having my "after" pantry be better than my "before" pantry! But here's what, I'll be doing:
1. Take a quick inventory of what is in my pantry.
2. Toss out any old, stale or expired items.
3. Plan some meals around what I find.
4. Clean and wipe down.
5. Organize into areas.
6. Use storage containers, and all that Tupperware I bought to store and group items.
7. Go grocery shopping to re-stock!

Let me know if you have done a Pantry Challenge or would like to join me by leaving me a comment below. For some inspiration, check out these other bloggers who have taken their own pantry challenges!
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So, time to start going into the deep, dark corners and planning some meals around what I find. This should be interesting!


  1. Can't wait to see the after! I know it will be fabulous. :)

  2. ABBY! I just did this for the past 6 weeks! While undergoing renovations I wanted to clear as much OUT of my house as I could...including the pantry! It was embarrassing to say the very least how much food we had in there...we could have EASILY lived off of it for 8+ weeks! Best of luck with achieving your pantry challenge... it feels GREAT once accomplished! :)

  3. I did get some cleaned out yesterday... I found 10 cans of pork & beans, and 3 jars of pickled onions. Dinners at the Zulyniak's will be interesting.... Can't wait to get it all sorted, cleaned, used, and then do a big trick to Costco to refill!!

  4. Thanks for linking to my Organizing link party. I can't wait to see your pantry when you are finished! Looks like you have some good space you can utilize above that top shelf... You might look into adding another shelf up there for items you don't use often. (just a thought.)

  5. I just reorganized my pantry and wrote a post about how to do a healthy pantry and kitchen makeovers. I wrote an eBook on healthy kitchen and pantry makeovers, which can be downloaded for FREE on my website. It’s kinda like taking a personal tour of my kitchen and pantry! I hope you find it helpful!

  6. I'm jealous. I wish I had a walk in pantry to organize, especially one where I could hide my water cooler!